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New Psychoactive Substances – N.P.S. – Real Experience’s

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Author: Sharon Sharman, Learning & Evaluation Manager, VOICES

Expert Citizens, VOICES and RE SOLV have co designed and recently co delivered a learning opportunity to the VOICES partnership.

Lee – Expert Citizen and VOICES peer mentor, and Dan from RE SOLV designed the course to incorporate professional training with insight from lived experiences.  The course covered:

  • What do we mean by the term ‘legal highs’/NPS?
  • What substances are currently being abused and what are the effects and associated risks?
  • Stereotypes, prevalence and reasons for use
  • Comparisons of use to illegal substances
  • Mortality statistics and associated dangers
  • Manufacturing and availability
  • Challenges facing the control of NPS through legislation
  • Effective interventions and treatment options
  • Risks to health and harm reduction
  • Best practice guidelines


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Attendees all stated that, following the session, they had increased knowledge, increased understanding and increased confidence to support customers who are at risk of using NPS or are currently using NPS.  Feedback comments included:

“The session was extremely informative and all of the topics were covered in depth”         

“I Feel a lot more confident in this area specifically about identifying use & giving advice for users”

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