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High-ho, high-ho, it’s off to plant some tree’s we go!

VOICES tree planting

VOICES Service Coordinator Elena Casilli recently accompanied her customer Brad to a tree planting event, organised by Fenns stationary supplies, in a bid to offset the carbon footprint created by printing and photocopying for business purposes over the last year.

This is what Ellie and Brad had to say:

We trekked to the Young Peoples Forest at Mead Derbyshire where we were kitted out in our wet weather gear, we were given instructions and then we were let loose, the saplings and shovel collected and off we trudged through the fields to plant Beech and Oak saplings.

Brad and I worked great as a team – he shovelled and I planted on a day best described as wet, muddy and cold. Brad was ‘chief hole digger’ and I was ‘sapling planter’. Brad was digging the holes much faster than I was planting and trying to motivate me to work faster (to no avail!) and Brad ended up doing both jobs at once.

There was a ugly incident whereby I lost my footing and face planted in the mud… Brad came along and lifted me out and cheekily muttered “you’re not too good on your feet duck!”.

I asked Brad to share his thoughts about the day and he wrote, “ we got stuck in and we loved it, not to brag but we planted about 80 trees and I think we did the best but let’s agree to disagree, it’s not a competition in who planted the most trees, its taking part and having fun while saving the planet, doing my bit felt really good and seeing people coming together…. “

I don’t think I can say it any better than Brad – it felt great to be part of an event that will be around for future generations to enjoy – a forest that we helped to create.

VOICES plant trees
Brad and Ellie

PS: We only had to plant 5 saplings to be carbon neutral for the year, VOICES will be carbon neutral for years to come due to our efforts, more importantly Brads efforts, as he was a man on a mission.

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