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Benefits for People Experiencing Multiple Needs 6th, 8th, 13th and 15th February 2018 1pm-4.30pm


Volunteer Zone, YMCA

Harding Road Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 3AE

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, GB, ST1 3AE

Benefits for People Experiencing Multiple Needs is a bespoke course aimed at services supporting people who present with a variety of needs and who may move in and out of services for short and long periods of time.  

Examples include:

  • Moving from homelessness to accommodation

  • Moving from one type of accommodation to another;  hostel to supported housing

  • Entering / leaving prison

  • Leaving care

  • Entering / ending a long hospital stay

  • Starting own tenancy

  • Diagnosed with conditions affecting employability

The course provides understanding, knowledge and skills to frontline workers, enabling them to quickly and effectively support customers through transitions with finances and also appeals processes. The course is provided by CAB through the VOICES Partnership Learning Plan                                                                                  

Session 1: 06/02/2018 1pm-4.30pm: Earnings Replacement Benefits: ESA / JSA / Universal credits

Session 2: 08/02/2018 1pm-4.30pm: Disability Benefits:  PIP / DLA to PIP / Multiple Needs relevant case law

Session 3: 13/02/2018 1pm-4.30pm: Benefits for Housing inlcuding Homeless transition and Careleavers

Session 4: 15/02/2018 1pm-4.30pm: Joining the Dots: Successful claims / appeals / in and out of   institutions

Please note:  To complete this course attendance is required on all four dates, booking a ticket registers you for all four sessions listed above.

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