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Empathy Fatigue – Embracing Rational Compassion

VOICES empthy fatigue

August 9


09:30 am - 04:00 pm

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This one day course encourages learners to embrace a more rational approach to working with customers


What happens when we don’t agree with the lifestyles, life choices or actions of the people we are working with or support? When faced with morally complex decisions does empathy, rather than rational compassion, sometimes mean we get things wrong?


Objectives: By the end of the session, all learners will have:


1. Described what is meant by empathy

2. Explained and explored the need for more rational compassion

3. Discovered where dangerous ‘gut feelings’ can lead, especially in relation to empathy, anger, disgust and love

4. Described the importance of facts

6. Explored the difference between feeling and understanding

7. Examined the escalation factors that create challenges and conflict

8. Described how effective communication can support a customer to resolutions

9. Explained how to work with all manner of customer irrespective of their lifestyle, life choices, words or actions

10. Examined hidden feelings, thoughts and bias.

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