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Respect and Inclusion: a multiple needs version of Equality and Diversity

VOICES respect and inclusion

“It’s just banter!” Respect and Inclusion equips organisations to become beacons of pro-social behaviour – includes films and interaction



To equip all staff with the abilities to recognise disrespectful behaviour and challenge effectively, ensuring your organisation is a beacons of pro-social behaviour.

The learning objectives: By the end of the session, all learners will have:


Described what is meant by respect and inclusive behaviour

Explored paradigm shifts and the way in which society reacts to change

Explained the principles of the Equality Act 2010

Described the important links between the Equality Act and the Public Sector Equality Duty (if applicable)

Determined the impact of stereotyping, prejudice and labelling

Described what is meant by personal responsibility

Explained pro-social behaviour as coined by Albert Bandura

Determined how to think rationally rather than ‘reacting’ and ‘feeling’ and engaging in ‘outrage culture’

Analysed the pitfalls of communication, especially in relation to language and choice of colloquialisms

Explained the need to be professional and inclusive especially when working within a team

Demonstrated professionalism and how to challenge inappropriate behaviour.

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