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How We Work

Listening, learning, and leading through the lived experience of local people with multiple needs.

Our Customers

Our Customers are people whose lives have been seriously affected by events and conditions over a prolonged period. They may present frequently at emergency health care facilities, drug and alcohol services, homelessness or mental health services. Similarly, our customers may also be well known to 'blue light' services such as the fire, police, and ambulance services. This will have led to a life of complex issues in which the person may feel trapped. Labels such as chaotic, hard to reach, or frequent flyer may have been applied to our customers by some services. There may also have been specific exclusions from services in the past. For some of our customers, they may even feel that services have given up on them.

How can we help?

Each customer is allocated a Service Coordinator. Our coordinator works with existing professionals involved in the person's support. We work to ensure that the most seamless service possible is delivered to the individual. Customers are offered a Peer Mentor to support them to engage with services. Peer Mentors offer the empathy, encouragement, and motivation through the lens of shared lived experience. A personal budget for each customer, managed with the Service Coordinator, helps to ensure that the right support is there for people when facing potential barriers to their recovery. VOICES is also here to listen to the experiences of people with complex needs. We are sharing their stories and outcomes from the project through a programme of learning and evaluation. We are looking for what works well and what can be improved. Working tirelessly with our partners, we will share learning freely with local, national, and international communities with an interest in complex needs. Through this effort, we will influence systems change that will improve opportunities for our customers to recover and live more fulfilling lives.

How to make an introduction’

At VOICES we prefer to think of people being introduced to us rather than being referred to us, as a referral is something that happens ‘to’ a person. To make an introduction download the form below and return to [email protected] and our service co-ordination team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Download introduction form

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