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Isolation, Loneliness & Connection

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By Dean Spruce, Communication & Media Coordinator, VOICES   I recently had a conversation with an inspirational individual who is campaigning to raise awareness of the impact and prevalence of loneliness and isolation within our community, and as a result have been thinking about this within the context of the work we do here at VOICES ever since. When we think about loneliness what is the first thing that we picture? As we are all subject to the human condition, I think it’s fair to say a lot of us will be thinking of the stereotype, an elderly lady or gentleman, sitting in a chair alone. We imagine a solitary existence where days and weeks pass by without any contact with the outside world, except perhaps through a television sitting in the corner of a barely furnished room. The tragedy of this is that the stereotype is perfectly valid, for some people the images we just conjured up are very real, and in 2018 the thought that some of our elderly are faced with this kind of existence is very upsetting. However, this is a stereotype, ‘a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or… Continue Reading

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