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Democratising or Demonising Drug Dependence?

VOICES democratising dependancy
By Steve Freeman, Solution Focused Practitioner   We know that mental health care still resonates with echoes of the moral judgement applied by Victorian philanthropists. Heart disease, fractures, and other physical ailments were seen as being mechanical failures with more or less effective remedies. Deteriorating mental health was seen as God’s judgement and, even when physical interventions were attempted, the cause was seen as moral failure on the part of the individual. Hence the dichotomy that exists between services, professions, sites of access, funding and public perception. Stigma is almost as evident now as it was 20 years ago. Despite, or because of, many statutory and third sector initiatives and celebrity endorsements you’re still more likely to be stigmatised because of your symptoms of psychological distress than anything requiring a bandage and an x-ray. What could be worse? Could it be worse? Yes it could. You could be drug dependent. That’s where stigma resides more than just about any other area of health and social care and public opinion. Take a minute to think about this scenario. Your sibling, child, best friend announces that they’re in a relationship with someone wonderful. They met at the vegetable counter in the supermarket. They share an interest… Continue Reading

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