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Case Study: Housing First

VOICES case study 02
Transcribed from audio recording   So, you gave me some great news yesterday, that you were approved for a property through a private landlord. What were some of the struggles that you faced with the administration process, as I know you had some issues with your benefits, tell us what happened there   Yea, I gave them my benefits letter, but it had run out and I had to get a new one. Once I’d got that they could process it then.   OK, and I know one of the issues you had was not having much ID, was that something you’ve faced a lot dealing with other agents/agencies when you’ve been applying for properties?   Yea, all the time.   So what ID did you use this time?   Well they wanted photo ID, but I told them I haven’t got it, so they just accepted my birth certificate and a benefits letter.   Throughout the application process, how were you liaising with the letting agents?   Just all through e-mails, it was just direct answers and questions through e-mails.   Did you find that an easy process?   Yea.   Did you set up an e-mail address specifically for this or did you already have one?   I already had one.   I know that you intend to keep your new property safe, how… Continue Reading

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