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Improving Fair Access to Services through the Citywide Learning Programme

VOICES fair access to services
Author: Sharon Sharman, Learning and Evaluation Manager, VOICES   In October 2020 VOICES and Expert Citizens C.I.C. launched several systems change legacy projects as the focus for the final year of fulfilling lives:  supporting people with multiple needs in Stoke-on-Trent. The legacy projects include   ·         Valuing Lived Experience ·         Citywide Learning Programme ·         Telling the Story Once ·         Housing First ·         Legacy Conference ·         Evaluations ·         Fair Access to Services   The ‘Fair Access to Services’ project involves several workstreams supporting improved legal literacy and providing support and advocacy tools:     To improve legal literacy around homelessness, housing, and welfare benefits advice, we have been working with stakeholders to develop a learning delivery plan that includes sets of bespoke workshops to be delivered through the citywide learning programme from February through to September 2021. This is how we achieved coproduction of these workstreams: In early 2021 Anna Mather, Project Officer – VOICES, facilitated several online consultation sessions with key partnership stakeholders; the aim of the sessions were to identify specific learning needs of local services in relation to housing and welfare benefits advice.  This was different to identifying general trainings needs as the themes identified were based on actual real lived examples in which staff had previously received training but became faced with trying… Continue Reading

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