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The importance of appropriate assessment

VOICES case study 4
I have supported a client for the past fifteen months who has lived in independent accommodation for around 20 years and has their own mortgage. My client has struggled to maintain their property since a family bereavement. Family members were responsible for all aspects of the property, as well as assisting my client greatly, to complete all activity of daily living tasks. This would include managing finances, cleaning, shopping and cooking. It became apparent that since the recent bereavement my client had accrued large sums of debt, and as a result, was in the process of having their home repossessed. There was also significant risk of exploitation due to vulnerabilities and a diagnosis of Autism. The current living environment was extremely cluttered and unhygienic; the house was dirty and there was a strong odour throughout. My client also has a dog and acknowledges having difficulties maintaining their home unassisted. My client is extremely vulnerable and there have been numerous occasions, where exploitation has occurred, resulting in abuse. For example, my client has had their mobile phone and other high value items taken by people that my client would perceive as being ‘friends’. My client had a diagnosis of dyscalculia, which caused great difficulty… Continue Reading

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