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A day in the life of a Service Coordinator

VOICES day in the life service co
By Elena Casilli, Service Coordinator, VOICES   As a Service Coordinator I want to make sure that I represent myself and all my colleagues in the best possible light… hard working, dedicated, supportive and it goes without saying…service coordinating! Which day do I pick to represent a day in the life of a service coordinator? Is it the day I collect a  customer from prison, or is the day when a customer leaves a voicemail stating they are planning on self-harming  while I’m on the way to another customer for a long awaited mental health assessment? Or the   day a customer hasn’t collected their methadone prescription for 3 days and is on the brink of being asked to leave the hostel in the middle of winter for service charges arrears?  Or is it the perfectly planned day that has me meeting with 2 customers with ample time for case notes, completing new  actions on the same day and having lunch with no crisis phone calls?  Or the administration day that consists of making referrals and following up with referrals, emails and phone calls, updating risk assessments and service coordination plans, or organising the much needed multi agency meetings? To be fair there is no… Continue Reading

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