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Transgender – Who Cares?

VOICES trans who
By Steve Barkess, Community Development Coordinator, VOICES   Following my article focusing on Transgender and Poverty myself and a member of the expert citizens CIC were invited to attend an event hosted in partnership with Healthwatch Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire University focusing on the issues faced by people who identify as transgender. The aim of the event is to create a platform of awareness raising and give people a better understanding of the needs of transgender people of all ages. The latest figures from the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids) revealed that 969 under-18s in the UK have been referred from April to December 2015, including nearly 200 aged 12 or under. This compares to just 94 in 2009-2010. (Source, ‘The Independent’ February 10th 2016). The event brought variety of professionals NHS, CCG and Local Authority and individuals with lived experience or knowledge of issues that transgender people faced daily. Various subjects were covered throughout the day and there was a packed agenda of people speaking and sharing examples of steps being taken to improve access to support transgender people. To my surprise I was first on the agenda to speak and felt quite nervous about this as this is something that I… Continue Reading

Poverty and Transgender

VOICES poverty and transgender
Written by Steven Barkess, Community Development Coordinator, VOICES I am a member of the LGBT community and have had the privilege to witness many social movements of equality for many LGBT people in the western world. I have and have had many friends both part of and external to the LGBT community and I am still shocked to find that people in both spheres still have a huge lack of understanding of the issues transgender people face. Especially those going through gender reassignment. I am not an academic, or a specialist in transgender issues or trans myself but I am able to recognise some of the inequalities such as class and race which effect transgender people in today’s society. I am however a gay man who has got to know many transgender people both before and after transition. Within my career working with vulnerable people I have also observed some of the serious issues that trans men and women face. This has made me think a little more about the whole process. For someone to live their life as their true gender they often need to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, not only for the legal recognition but also to access medical… Continue Reading

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