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Case Study: Universal Credit – A simple process for people experiencing multiple needs?

VOICES case study 03
Universal Credit (UC) is a new benefit that has recently started to be rolled out nationwide, the aim to replace 6 existing means tested benefits. According to the Gov.uk website, ‘you can claim UC if you have a health condition or disability which prevents you from working or limits the amount of work you can do. UC provides you with a simple system of financial and work-related support.’   I have been supporting a customer to apply for UC following their release from prison. The customer has found the process to be difficult, and not simple as explained.   Step one: Initial online claim I supported the customer to attend the Job centre on the day of prison release and supported him to complete the initial claim online. The customer was faced with many barriers, the first one being completing the address field. The customer was homeless and tried to type in ‘no fixed address’. The system would not accept this as it wanted a valid post code. The customer had to use one of his support service’s office address before he could proceed with the application. The next barrier was completing the email address field. The customer did not have an email address and… Continue Reading

Appealing a benefit decision? You need to read this…

VOICES benefit advice
By Karen Dunn, Specialist Benefits Advisor, Citizens Advice Staffordshire North and Stoke   Following a recent discussion around a case involving benefit entitlement it became apparent there was some learning to be shared regarding claiming the correct benefit when a previous ESA claim has stopped. Karen Dunn, specialist benefits advisor from the CAB tells us: Getting income related Employment & Support Allowance (a legacy benefit) or Universal Credit while challenging a limited capability for work decision   If the person we are supporting has had their income related ESA claim stopped because of a ‘limited capability for work’ decision, it is often the case that we rush to help them make a new claim for ESA when this is not the best course of action. It can sometimes leave the customer with no money at all.   As part of the Welfare Reform programme, regulations concerning making a new claim for income related ESA when someone has failed the work capability assessment; failed to return the ESA50; or failed to attend/take part in the work capability assessment, came into force affecting all repeat claims made on or after 30/03/2015. Payment can now only be made in very specific circumstances.   Income Related Employment & Support Allowance repeat claim on… Continue Reading

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